Garage Doors

Alu-flute Aluminium Doors

Our Alu-Flute Aluminium doors have a contemporary, smooth finish and provide exceptional strength and rigidity which is ideally suited for luxury homes and buildings. We can manufacture these doors to fit your project’s custom sizes.

Alu-view Aluminium & Glass Garage Doors

Ideal for creating an architectural focal point, these strikingly modern garage doors are a stylish combination of glass and aluminium. They can be manufactured into a variety of design options and are ideal for applications where protection is needed without obscuring a magnificent view.

Alu-zinc Horizontal Slated Doors

Our Horisontal Slatted Steel doors are not only aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance, they also offer superb durability, strength and security. The robust design and construction make it the perfect choice for the discerning homeowner and property developer looking for clean lines and a minimalist look.

Alu-zinc Raised & Fielded Doors

Raised and fielded doors are also known as Georgian style embellished doors. These Alu-Zinc steel doors are elegant, low maintenance garage doors that are also durable and strong. The robust design and construction of our steel doors make it a great option for homeowners and property developers in search of a classic look.

Arc Domestic Motors

The ARC Domestic Motor range is known for its exceptional quality, affordable and reliable products.

Chromadek Roll Up Doors

Security is a major consideration when we design and manufacture our Chromadek Roll Up door range. The door itself is a continuous curtain made from pieces of pressed steel with a double bar locking system for extra strength and security. The robust end product is a low maintenance garage door that combines superior durability and strength, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Ideal for residential or commercial use.

Contemporary Roller Shutters

Our Contemporary Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors are custom-made and locally assembled from high quality extruded aluminium slats, using only the very best materials. You’ll be drawn to its visual appeal and impressed by the security it offers.

Custom Timber Door Designs

In addition to our meranti timber doors, we also manufacture a wide variety of custom design meranti timber garage doors. These custom garage doors are available in a wide selection of designs and decorative studs options. Our range combines natural beauty with durability and with a wide variety of design options and proven aesthetics it will complement almost any home or office space.

All of our Custom Timber Garage Doors are factory treated with two coats of water repellent, fungal resistant clear oil-based wood preservative. KD recommends that a further coat should be applied within 2 weeks of installation and thereafter at least twice annually to ensure a beautiful finish and increased lifespan.

Frameless Glass Garage Doors

Our stunning Frameless Glass Garage door range offers stylish, contemporary doors that are ideal for applications where protection is needed without obscuring the view. The ultimate finishing touch for sleek, modern homes and buildings.

Timber Raised & Fielded Doors

The natural beauty and elegant panel design of our Raised and Fielded Timber doors have a classic appeal that will complement the design of most homes. Simple and light to operate, they combine natural beauty with durability and strength over a long period of time.